About me

I’m Fahim, founder of Golfaro and Paddle Storm, I started traveling in mid-2015 & since traveled to over half a dozen countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With Dr. Safi (business Partner) we have Co-Founded Life in Madinah. Follow my blog to discover the experiences & wisdom he collected over the years.

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So far Traveled to India, China, Malaysia, Indonasia, Saudi Arabia & Thailand. Looking forward to a dozon more.

System automation

I am obsessed with simplifying Workflow. An expert on Zapier & Make.

AI Tools

It has never been easier to be a one-man team with the help of AI. Currently utilizing ChatGPT, Elevenlabs, Surfer.


Working remotely since 2009. Love the freedom it provides. Never going back to an office again.


Been in the Apple Eco-System since 2013. Love the efficiency.


Discovered Islam in 2016. Was sold instanly. Been practicing ever since.


Obsessed with learning new things every day. Keeping the mind young.


It’s a lonely road. But well worth the pain.


It’s a pleasure raising kids. Wish to share a lot more of them in years to come.

Books Read

Sale or Be Sold, How to Stay Motivated, The 10X Rule, Life Style Investor, If You’re Not First- You’re Last Etc.